Flirting with BPM tools

Did you know that flirting and chosing a bpm tool have a lot in common? How is that possible? Let me explain you.

Lets have a look at this from a male point of view. Flirting means, that a man wants to conquer the heart of a woman. Convice her that he is the one. Now who is who when chosing a bpm tool? If we stick to our male point of view, then the bpm tool is the man, intending to conquer the favor of the potential user. And as we all know, flirting isn't always easy.


The agony of choice

There are a lot of bpm tools out there, as well as there are a lot of male persons. A beautiful woman or a potential user, do have a lot of options. Because there are so many out there, you can't invest too much time into getting to know them all. As with people, also with bpm tools, the first impression is most important. When the first impression is fine, you are willing to invest more time to get to know the object of desire.


Finding Mr. Right

For a bpm tool, this means that it's very important to have a very intuitive graphical user-interface. You signed up and you want to reassure yourself, that you made the right choice, and that you are not wasting your time. You know that you made the right choice when everything seems to be flowing. In flirting, it's like the conversation is just happening naturally, without thinking what to say next. With a bpm tool, it might be setting up the first workflow, without having to read a long instruction. You might not even think about the final outcome, you are just having a good time.


Moving things forward

Now that you got to know each other a little bit more, you feel more and more that you can rely on the other half. This could be due to a great customer service, that is genuinely caring about your wellbeing and dedicated to provide you with the best user experience possible. Or because of listening to you, and responding to your needs. Surprise you with new features. Overall, you feel that you are in good hands and that you are taking care of. It's the feeling of trust, which is very important when you are running a business.


Wedding day

You felt in love with each other and did the paper work (Sorry for the lack of romance), so now you can call each other legally "User" and "BPM Tool". And even after the wedding, you still discover new positive traits you weren't aware of earlier. But even if something is wrong, you communicate with each other, give constructive feedback, and eventually, the problem gets solved.


How to find the right bpm tool

Think about it, the next time you are testing a bpm tool. How is the first impression? Which part of the word "Workflow" is dominating? Is it 'Work'? Or 'Flow'? What is your experience with the people behind the bpm tool? Get in touch with them. Ask them questions. And always highly appreaciated by every bpm tool: Give feedback.

How was your first impression of 

Flirting with BPM tools