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You can use the following actions:

  • Email
  • Send an email

  • Notification
  • Send a notification in

  • New process
  • Start a new process simultaneously

  • Change process name:
  • Change the name of the process

  • New task
  • Create a new task automatically

  • Change role
  • Change roles during the ongoing process. Users, who were assigned to the role before, will loose the role and their permissions.

  • Add status
  • Add a status to your organization. Users can comment on the status.

  • Add event
  • Create a new calendar event.

  • Add user
  • You can create a complete user profile with login, email, password, name and surname, avatar and group.

  • Tag file
  • Assign a file to a process.

  • Remove process from file
  • Remove a process from the file.

  • Use in Google Spreadsheets
  • Add data to Google Spreadsheets

  • Table based process creation
  • Create a process out of information from a table.

  • Pre-generate user
  • Pre-generate a user which does not exist yet in the system. However, you can already assign the user in the process, without the user having to be signed up already.

  • Add user to role
  • Assign a user to a role during the ongoing process. Contrary to “Change role”, the former users assigned to the role won’t lose their role and permissions.

  • Remove user from role user
  • Remove a user from a role during the ongoing process.


What kind of actions can I use?