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Listed below is an overview of the fields you can use in a form. Every field can be edited by clicking on the – symbol next to it. All fields can be edited as follows:

Users have to fill in the field in order to proceed.

When it is empty, it is hidden”:
When the field has not been filled in, it won’t be shown in the process view.

“Show in other forms…”:
After the field has been filled in, the content can be shown in consequent forms.

If a field is unique, it means that it’s not possible to add the same content again to this field when you start another process.

Some fields also have additional options (see below).


General fields

  • Textfield
    E.g. Titles, Descriptions, Comments, etc.

    = You can set up the text field as single-line (e.g. for titles), or multi-line (e.g. for comments).
  • Number field
    E.g. Amount, Age, etc.

    =  You can set up whether the number is rounded or how many decimals will be shown.
  • List field
    Use this field to choose one or several answers from a list.
    E.g. Status (Approved, Rejected), RSVP (Attending, Maybe Attending, Not Attending), etc.

    = Choose “single value” (one answer) or “multiple value” (multiple answers). You can also set up the style by chosing “in line” (horizontal list), “pick list” (vertical list), or “drop down”).
  • Tags
    Add several tags to your process.
  • Date
    Choose a date.
  • Time
    Choose a time.
  • Contact
    Choose a contact person from your organization, e.g. as a manager to approve a request.

    = You can allow choosing only users or whole groups, or also users and groups. If you want to enable that more than one user or group can be chosen, change the setting from “single value” to “multi values”.
  • Map
    An address can be added into this field, which will be shown as a location on google maps.
  • Relation
    Indicate a relation with another application or task.

    = Choose whether the relation will be connected to a process or a task, and if only one relation (single value) can be indicated, or several relations (multi values).
  • List of elements in the system
    Lets you display information from another application, process, etc.

    = Indicate, which elements can be chosen from (Application, Process, Task, Files, Categories), and if one element (single value) or several elements (multi value) can be chosen.
  • Calculation
    In order to be able to do a calculation, you need to have at least 2 number fields added to the form. In the calculation field on the right, choose the number fields with “@Numberfield1“, add an arithmetic operator (+,-,/,*), and choose another number field with “@Numberfield2“. Example: One number field is called “Sales” and one is called “Costs”. Now you can add a calculation field and call it “Profit”, and add the calculation “@sales@costs“. The result will be your profit.
  • Upload file
    You can upload any file you want. If you want to define the allowed file types which can be uploaded, you can add the file extension into the right field (e.g. jpg, pdf).

    = Choose, whether only one file (“single value”) or several files (“multi values”) can be uploaded.
  • Progress bar
    Shows the progress of something in percentage terms.
  • Table
    Add a table which can be filled in later in the process.


Specific fields

  • URL address
    Type in an URL address.
  • Email address
    Type in an email address. You can later drag the email field into the recipient field in an email notification.
  • Phone number
    Enter a phone number.
  • Postal code
    Enter a postal code.
  • Currency
    You can enter 1 or more currencies. Later in the process, the respective currency can be chosen.
    A polish tax number for individuals.
  • NIP
    A polish tax number for companies.
    A polish identification number for companies.
  • Gender
    You can choose between “Male” and “Female”. If you would like to have more than these 2 options, you can use a list field and name it “Gender”.
  • Picture
    Upload a picture.

    = Choose, whether only one picture (“single value”) or several picures (“multi values”) can be uploaded.
  • Soundfile
    Upload a soundfile.

    = Choose, whether only one soundfile (“single value”) or several soundfiles (“multi values”) can be uploaded.
  • Document
    Upload a document.

    = Choose, whether only one document (“single value”) or several documents (“multi values”) can be uploaded.





What fields can I use in a form?