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To every form, you can add a role. This role will later be responsible for filling in the form. Only this person will be able to see and fill in the form. Write the name of the role into the field on top of the form.


You can also define a role as the recipient of an email or notification. Go to the action and add the name of the role into the recipient field. You can also allow users, who are assigned to that role, but only have permission to view, and not to execute, to receive the email or notification.


After you habe added roles to the forms and actions, go to the role settings by clicking on the icon on the top right in the process building view.


You can assign users or groups from the left menu to the respective roles on the right by using drag and drop. Roles are divided into permission to view and execute, and permission to view (“read only”). See the next picture for an example.


In this example, the process creator will have the possibility to fill in the first form (Permission to view and execute). The Manager “Julian Oelkers” will receive an email notification. When he is viewing the process, he can see, what the developer has filled in in the first form (Permission to view).



How do I assign roles?