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and the team behind the application. was founded in Warsaw in the heart of Poland. From the beginning it was clear that we wanted to create a global product. This is also reflected in the composition of the team. at the moment consists of Polish, German, and Indian people, all highly motivated to create a great product with a sharp focus on customer satisfaction. But besides of all the hard work, we also love to have fun at the office.

Our main crew

Saquib Hashami Business Process Developer I am an Engineer and tech enthusiast, with a strategic management background. We all believe in helping people and solving problems. The tool that helps us to achieve this goal is Our relentless approach for solving problems drives our vision. We welcome everyone to join in and make work more enjoyable.
Marcin Dudek CEO I am an Entrepreneur with a professional background in marketing and management. During my work as a consultant with SMEs, I came to the conclusion, that there must be a better way to manage your company’s workflows and share information when working together in a team. has been created for exactly these reasons.
Julian Oelkers Business Development I am an Economist and a stickler for details with a professional background in Process Management. What I like about is that it empowers people to do something, of which they might not were capable of earlier. In my free time, chances are high that you will either find me in the gym, or outside with friends.
Our coffee machine needs 19,4 seconds for a freshly squeezed bean juice
Successful launch!
Everyone loves Club Mate, the new beverage we introduced to our office
Our second best creation aside from The Twix Cake
International team!
Longest distance from the office to the hometown: 5246 km
Well connected!
We have over 120 modems available in the office
We go big!
Biggest shoe size: 48
Pizza every Friday!
It's only 0,0145 Bitcoins
Organic growth!
Average height of our team members: >190cm(6'3")
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