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Assign roles is a tool with which you can easily build your individual workflows and coordinate social collaboration activities. Thanks to the graphical user interface, workflows can be created with no need for technical expertise. Connect your projects, customers, everything you want.

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Graphical Workflow Builder

Building processes is easy and can be done without programming skills. With the help of the graphical user interface, you can simply build your process by drag and drop items and link them with your cursor. This ways process building is not only easy but also quick and intuitive.

Pre-defined Templates

Choose from a wide range of pre-built templates that matches your company’s processes. Adaptation to your specific needs is simple and can be done in no time.

Role Management

Allows you to assign users or user groups to a specific task or activity. In this way everyone in the organization knows exactly what he has to do. In addition you can restrict the access to information to a certain group of people.

High Flexibility

We want to best fit your individual needs. That´s why you can adapt not only processes to your requirements, but also the different views of your application. This way you focus only on what’s important to you.

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Get your everyday work done faster and focus on your core activities.
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Run your workflows the way it best suits your business, not your PM - software.
Always keep track of your processes in your dashboard.
Keep your company in motion with automated processes. brings together business processes and social interactions. Workflows are easily coordinated and controlled. You can automate processes and share information with everyone in your organization, making sure that everyone gets the big picture and knows what to do next. Whenever your processes are changing, is changing with you.

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